Ralph as an Adult - Dave Stubbs

Ralphie Parker - Ryan Murphy

Mother - Mary Weeks

The Old Man - Greg Reitsma

Randy - Lennon Bain

Miss Sheilds - Mary Kurtz

Flick - Shane Klepper

Schwartz - Shannon Barba

Esther Jane Alberry - Ana Warner

Helen Weathers - Faye Grupke

Ellen Weathers - Anna Vincent

Scut Farkas - Remee Morse

Santa/Tree Lot Owner/Delivery Man/Neighbor - Gary Eberly

Desperado One/Student - Annabelle Bain

Desperado Two/Student - Meghan Warner

Black Bart/Student - George Ryan

Grover Dill/Student - Cooper Bain

A Christmas Story is produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock Illinois.