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Book and additional lyrics by Nick Blaemire

Music adaptation and vocal and incidental arrangements by Madeline Smith

Orchestrations and music produced by Matthew Tishler

Based on the popular Disney Channel Original Movies, Disney's Descendants: The Musical is a brand-new musical comedy featuring the beloved characters and hit songs from the films!

It is present-day, and in the kingdom of Auradon, all of Disney’s beloved heroes and royalty are living happily ever after, safe from the terrifying villains and troublesome sidekicks they have banished to the magic-free Isle of the Lost. That is until Ben, the benevolent teenage son of Belle and King Adam (The Beast), offers a chance of redemption for the troublemaking offspring of the evilest villains. Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos – the children of Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil, and Jafar – are welcomed to Auradon Prep to attend school with the children of their parents’ sworn enemies. Now entering a completely foreign world and way of life, the four Villain Kids have a difficult choice to make: should they follow in their parents’ wicked footsteps or learn to be good?

DISNEY'S DESCENDANTS is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).  All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Cast List



Mal - Reegan Lehman

Evie - Aubrey Dysinger

Jay -  Dustin Jones

Carlos -  Cecilia Rodgers

Maleficent -  Mollie Weaver

Grimhilde - Lilly Bladen

Jafar - Noah Ambrose

Cruella de Vil - Nery Figueredo



Ben - Luke Bierbaum

King Beast - Arjun Lamuth

Queen Belle - Olivia Suhocki

Fairy Godmother - Annabelle Davis

Jane - Alaina Dysinger

Chad - Dean Haroff

Audrey - Elena Reed

Doug - James Muir

Royal Page - Allison VanValkenburg

Royal Guard - Alexandra “Kat” Lucas

Maurice - Owen Jones

Coach - Betty Giesen

Snow White - Katie Pell

Smitten Kid 1 - DeDe Weaver

Smitten Kid 2 - Claire Swender

Aurodonian 1 (duet) - Jade Dwyer

Aurodonian 2 (duet) - Anna Vincent

Coronation Speakers: 

Ava Buczynski, Amaya DuBois, Jane Rosado, June Tarmnel


ALL AURADONIANS (choir parts)

5-6th grade girls = Auradonian Sopranos

7-8th grade girls = Auradonian Altos

All boys except Arjun = Tenors

Arjun = Bass


Congratulations to all cast members and Welcome to Descendants! 


If you need to decline your role please contact Allison Ebner 269-274-5795 or Kathy Seifert 269-267-4954 within 24 hours after the posting of this list. 


Please check the schedule link - some rehearsals begin next week at various hours. Check right away! We are also rehearsing off site the first week. Please note the address on the schedule. 


Script pickup will be next week during rehearsals. 


July 28-29 5:30pm Call - Performances at 7:30pm
July 30 12:30pm Call - Performances at 2:30pm

Franke Center for the Arts 
214 E. Mansion St. 
Marshall, MI 49068